Bob Villa says there are 10 Major Stages of home building. Generally speaking, he’s right – but we’d like to add the most important preparatory step: Getting on your home builder’s schedule. It’s not that we’re too busy to talk with you, but we know how anxious you are to get your custom home started.

Destination Northern Michigan.

In northern Michigan, the best custom builders, like the best wedding venues, are booked in advance. Unlike many destination brides that call a year or more out from the big day, we can still get you on our calendar this year. At the time of publication, March is the month you need to get on our schedule if you want to start a project in 2019. However, don’t let that deter you from calling us when you’re ready.

What Keeps Builders Busy

There’s a lot of planning and communication that goes into designing and building a custom home. We’ve honed our process to make creating a custom home an extremely high-touch and efficient experience. Custom home builders walk with you at every step of planning and building.

Our clients get the same level of communication and service regardless if they live next door, or several states away. Ultimately, this level of superior service means we build fewer houses to maintain that level of professionalism and client intimacy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Preliminary Steps

The Ideas Phase

Most of our clients have owned or built several homes before. They have a good idea of what features they’re looking for. If you’re in the earliest stages, Pinterest and Houzz can get you to a place where you can articulate your vision. If you’ve never built a custom home before, there are some fundamental truths you need to know about why asking price-per-square-foot is the wrong starting point.

We’d also like to offer you our assistance. We’re experts at both site assessment and homebuilding. Sometimes the parcel you choose dictates what custom homes are realistic, so it helps to have experts in your corner before you make your final selection.

Planning Begins

Turning your dreams into reality takes action. The single most crucial step to getting traction on your new custom home is to get on the schedule of your custom builder early. It says a lot about a builder how attentive they are even on your first call. You’ll notice immediately, we truly listen. Custom home building should never feel like a high-pressure car-buying experience. Call us to see what the experience of building your dreams should be.

Silverwood Building Specialists

We’ve had 23 homes in the prestigious Parade of Homes over the years, and were recognized as the 2018 Grand Traverse Area Home Builders Association’s Builder of the Year. Traverse Magazine recently featured a home in the December 2018 issue we built in Arcadia. Stop by a gallery of some of our work, then give us a call – to get the conversation started and get on our schedule.


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