Cost of Building a Home Traverse City

Many factors come into play when considering the cost of building a home in Traverse City. From materials used to the square footage of each room, every little detail and raise or lower the cost of building a home in Traverse City.

Some of the most important factors to consider are:

Overall Square Footage of the Entire Home – Where this might seem like an obvious point, it is often underestimated in the cost of building a home in Traverse City. Why is the square footage important to cost? Every square foot of the house requires materials, whether it is expensive marble flooring or discounted wallpaper, it can add up to expenses exceeding the original estimate. At Silverwood Enterprises, we are sure to cover this important detail and the materials chosen for each square foot in the planning stage of each project, before building even starts.

Ceiling Height on the Main Floor – Ceiling height is a tricky cost. Low ceilings, like the standard 8’ ceilings, come with advantages to cost but may make the home or room feel cramped. Tall vaulted ceilings require additional support, and that’s where the cost comes in. If you tried to support a 15’ vaulted ceiling in the same fashion that you did the 8’ standard, over time, the ceiling would start to sag. It is important that your ceiling is properly supported even if it doubles the cost from a standard 8’ ceiling.

Is there going to be a basement? – Depending on location and the water table is in that area, a basement can be an amazing dream come true, or a nightmarish experience. Many details go into creating a livable basement that has proper climate control. Something you should consider when calculating the cost of building a home in Traverse City.

What materials are you using for the floors, walls, and counter tops? – There are inexpensive solutions for your building materials such as inexpensive carpet or laminate flooring and counter tops, but they are not without their downfalls. Laminate surfaces don’t stand up to time or wear and tear as well as their more expensive alternatives such as tile, marble, granite, or hardwood. Using higher end materials provides for an authentic look and feel as well as less maintenance in some situations.

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