Kendal Smith, 2018 GT-HBA Builder of the Year

Kendall Smith – 2018 Builder of the Year

Recently, our own Kendall Smith was honored as the 2018 Builder of the Year by the Grand Traverse Area Homebuilder’s Association.

This third generation builder has been a part of Grand Traverse Area HBA for the past 32 years, exhibited at its expos for more than three decades and has even served on its board.

Kendall’s first involvement with HBA was participating in the “Home In A Day” in the early 1980s. Members banded together, color-coded by trade to set a world record for fastest home construction.

“That was one of my most memorable times being involved in the Association”

Kendall has had more than two dozen home featured in the HBA’s Parade of Homes over the years. These homes won numerous awards, including three People’s Choice awards (as voted on by the public) and awards in numerous categories including exterior design, craftsmanship, and master suite as judged by a panel of our peers.

A treasure to the local community, Kendall has a long history mentoring new homebuilders, builders new to the parade of homes, and even disadvantaged youth through programs like Freedom Builders. He’s not only served on the original Board of Directors but was instrumental in starting the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

“During my whole career, I can think of only a hand full of days that I did not want to go to work. It has been a very rewarding career and I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people.”

Kendall’s wealth of experience and generosity have created an organization that is skilled at every facet of designing and building custom homes that are as individual as their owners. We’ve become a tight-knit family around our shared objective – and we can’t be more proud of you Kendall.

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